'A friend to all, is a friend to none' Aristotle

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Just when you think life is starting to settle down, along comes another curve ball. As a Christian, I have a strong belief that God will only give me as much to deal with as I can cope with........ the last few months that has seemed such alot!!
I think that when you have been through a trying time it does leave you emotionally raw - which means smaller issues become HUGE! I know that in the grand scheme of my life the things that have been getting to me the last 2 weeks are really not that important - but they seem it!!
Friends dogs being hurt / injured. Maid being a wreck in a new environment. Glee lame as Lily stood on her. The list goes on..... small things in that no-one has died....... but NOT fair!!!
But through it all, my good friends have been there, to help and offer support. I hope i can do the same for them. Not just paying lip service to their problems but being a real friend - and thats where my opening quote comes in. If you spread yourself too thin you can't be a good friend when you are needed - a few deeper friendships are more important. And the same goes for your dogs - you need to have time to spend with each of them, do the necessary training.
I also hear people say they don't want to 'get involved' when life gets complicated for whatever reason...... Sorry but at some point you have to stand up for what you believe in - or who you believe in - or as Aristotle said you become '....a friend to none'. 

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