Return of the wait!!

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Hurray!! Raq has remembered how to do a wait in the ring - what a relief! Probably tempting fate for Tuffley but i am feeling positive!
So UKA at Newbury was good. We both thoroughly enjoyed doing the Canin Final - even though we both got E'd! The nerves really got to us, even though we have both done finals before - but we still had fun!
Highlight of the weekend was Kye getting two 1st places - he loved it! But then Sunday night had a bad tummy again - we had hoped the vitamin injections would stop it - but i think the heat didn't help. Boo is also injured - shes pulled all her tummy muscles so is very sore and really struggling to stretch - no wonder the poles have been going! Lots of physio for her!
But..........for the first time in 3 months Dairin, Lily and I are all healthy - Hurray!!
Here's to a fun weekend ahead at Tuffley - see you all there!

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