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The keatings 2012 show season is nearly here - and we are not ready!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! oh well - it will be fun anyway :-)
This winters training plan for my dogs just doesn't seem to have gone to plan - lots of reasons - but ultimately the dogs are not where I would have liked them to be. However they will go to shows and enjoy their agility - even if they aren't clear! Me? Will i enjoy it?
YES!! Usually I am excited about the show season as I feel prepared to take on the new challenges that each year brings - new dogs / new grades/ new shows etc. I am always hopeful about what we will achieve.
This year its slightly different - the dogs are not as prepared as they should be...  Yet I will still enjoy competing as ultimately its about having fun with my dogs, family and all the friends we have made through the sport.
But that doesn't mean I don't want to succeed. I am excited about the possibilities that lie in front of us as a family and as a club - so many talented dogs and handlers that could achieve so much. How exciting that Daz will soon be doing regular new updates on everyone achievements :-) Keep up to date on the news page.
I am still uncertain about Maid competing - I know she isn't really ready - but I have never been one to wait to bring out a dog until it was ready to win - I want them to be ready to have fun safely - and I think she will do just that. I am going to do the first few shows and then re-evaluate. If I think I am causing her long term training issues and forming bad habits regarding the ring environment then I will pull her - but I won't know until she goes in the ring.
So the countdown....... Match this weekend........ Limit the weekend after......KC open show....... then Easter and qualifiers..... 
And all the time I have Raq to run :-) The most enjoyable dog to train and run - he will be as wild as ever - and I will love it just as much!
Good Luck to all our friends and SWATties for the upcoming season - Go make yourselves proud!!! :-)

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  1. Debs

    Yes that bubble of excitement is growing!! No doubt after a busy weekend this week (limit tomorrow & Match Sunday) the bubble will burst and the dogs will be more wild than ever - good job we have training session the following weekend!

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