"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies" Author unknown

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This quote is so apt at the moment - Spring is finally sprung and everything seems so much easier. And I have seen lots of wonderful butterflies this week whilst teaching. ;-)
But Change is very much in the air at SWAT in lots of ways - most significantly, Jo is coming to teach for us and we can therefore take on new members and do new groups and workshops - very exciting times! This does however mean that some of usual structure will change to allow us to accomodate more clients and for the business to grow. Watch the website for further information on Jo and the new classes we will be doing!
Annoyingly I have time to write a blog on a Sunday because I am at home poorly - Pleuresy - ouch! So painful - but thankfully the antibiotics are helping. Such a shame to have had to cancel the last workshop of the winter - and its perfect training weather........
Last weekend we had the SWAT / Leads match - it was a great day despite Leads taking the trophy off us! Lots of fun and laughs - and the weather was mostly kind. Amazing photos by Debbie and Tim - check out facebook.
Yesterday was S Devon limit  - was lovely to see people and be back competing - I will get round to uploading the videos to youtube soon! Maid did ok - which as I wasn't feeling well I am surprised about. Nice jumping, good weaves, quite confident........ she was at half speed so as her confidence builds i think that will improve.
Raq is being a very good boy :-)  Love that boy!
So, off to sort out new diaires, and workshops, obedience etc for the arrival of Jo at the end of April. Happy days! Exciting times !!

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    Toni - this is one of my favourite quotes :)

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