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At last i can blog again without feeling like i am lying!! I haven't blogged for ages because i didn't know what to say. Life has been chaotic to say the least as regular SWATties can vouch for - Lessons have been cancelled, moved, taken by Jo etc etc for the last 7 weeks as I have been in bed ill. And whilst most people knew the worst ever kept secret Dairin and I felt that we didn't want to go completely public until now - Yesterday i had my 12 week scan and everything was ok!! :-) what a huge relief!
The last 7 weeks have been very difficult and i can not thank all oulr friends enough for the support that they have given us - emotionally and practically. Pregnanacy does not agree with me and even now I am on anti-sickness drugs and struggling to do more than about 3 hours teaching at a time.... Hopefully this will improve - although i am not going to take any risks! After last years miscarriage - this is our final attempt - and even agility / SWAT has to take a back seat!!
So now everyone knows - including a very excited Lily :-)
The dogs have suffered as they haven't been trained and exercised as much as normal - but hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Glee really needs to start some proper training and Maid needs to work - shes done a few shows with no training in between bless her.  She has also been in season (at last!) so thats put paid to some shows for her - I admit as i haven't been feeling well it was nice to just have Raq to run!
So, I don't think theres much more to say - Thankyou again to everyone for their help and sorry for messing you all around!
Hopefully see you all at shows and training soon xx

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