bah Humbug!!

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Thats my favourite saying this week - even though its not Christmas!!
Last Saturday we went to Worcester show and raq won the ProPlan Masters qualifier - unfortunately the final is in October when i will be giving birth! I asked the organisers if I could do a change of handler as it is exceptional circumstances - but they have said no. Bah Humbug..... I didn't really think they would allow it - but the showsecretary at Worcester said there was nothing in the rules preventing it and I checked all the online info and couldn't see an issue either. Apparently they have had to turn others down in the past (Well, last year as this is only the 2nd year of Pro Plan) so want to be consistent - i can see that - just seems a little unfair when its due to pregnancy - well Birth actually!! Bah Humbug :-)
That all said, I was SO pleased with Raq - he is on form. i really feel we have got it together this year. Such a shame I am getting slower and fatter! Jo is doing some great work with him and will try him out in the ring next weekend at Wye Valley, fingers crossed he will be a good boy. He is pushing his A frames in competition so thats something to watch!
Boo is having fun and being consistent - lots of clear rounds and places - just a couple of seconds off the pace so not bad for 9 years old.
Maid - i am starting to wonder if we will ever get going?? First me being ill, then her season, and now shes hurt her back and can't weave! She did have her first clear at Worcester and got 11th. and also did some lovely contacts so we are getting there - now we just need to get her back better - Off to SMART next week :-)
All the club members are doing well, and there have been some really fantastic and consistent performances - well done to you all! There is definitely something in the air at SWAT! Such fab team efforts and atmosphere :-)
Next weekend is Wye valley - one of my favourite venues. We are running a ring this year but have lots of people to support us so we should be fine. Then on the Sunday night we are having a jubilee street party - I can't wait!! I love parties!!! Then on the Monday - Lily is entered into Juniors for the first time - its going to be very stressful as Boo doesn't seem to respect her, and Lily has decided she doesn't want to practice so why i was talked in to it i will never know! I suspect Dairin will end up runing with her :-)
I could keep waffling on s i feel there is so much to say - now i am back working and seeing everyone! But I wont!
See you all soon xx

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