A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together "

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"A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood." Charlotte Davis Kasl
This weekend was full of moments that create memories for the old and young a like. Today I sat on the laptop looking at lots of photos taken over the last few days by a variety of friends - and it brought tears to my eyes. I have had a wonderful few days, and feel so truly blessed to have such great people around us who support us and are kind to our whole family.
Wye Valley is always one of my favourite shows - the venue, the atmosphere, the close town.....
But this year was better than i could ever have imagined.
Our dogs did well, Raq and Boo both winning a 1-7 class, Maid going up a gear in speed and confidence and finally seeming to get what shows are about.
But that was just the start! We had fun with old and new friends, lots of good chats around the rings, and in the evenings - lots of laughs.
Then on Sunday, despite the rain we held our SWAT street party. It was so much fun and i suspect that the fact it was raining actually added to the whole thing! The silly races with the children and adults. gruffalo chasing, wheel barrows..... non-stop fun. The kids will never forget the evening - and nor will we. 
On Monday, we were having a chilled day, not many classes entered - but Lilys first juniors was in the morning. After much dithering she decided she would do it if Jo ran with her, and she didn't have to do a full course like 'the big children'. So all agreed and the kind judge was happy too.
i think most of our club and lots of others were there to watch :-) And she did it! She ran slowere than normal so Boo missed jumps, back jumped etc but they got to the finish together and Lily's smile when we all cheered said it all!!
The judge then gave her a special rosette - and she nearly burst!!
Lily went around all our friends showing them her rosette and telling them what happened - and everyone made her feel special - thankyou.
We wanted her first go to be a positive experience - and it exceeded what we had even hoped for! Lily insisted on leading Boo everywhere after that - Daz has competition!
So memories were made for Lily and us. All weekend the SWAT village supported each other, laughed with one another and had lots of fun. The way that everyone took the kids to heart and made it such an amazing time was a joy to see. I can not thank you all enough. It made me proud to be part of SWAT - as well as proud to be British!!
There are some really great shots of all our merriment on www.dartmoor-animal-photographer.co.uk
And we will upload a few on to the website in the next few days as well.


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