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Life in the Keating household is always pretty busy - but at the moment its chaos!! We really seem to be chasing our tails and getting nowhere fast - so i suspect i will be rubbish at blogging over the next few weeks. Partly its due to the fact that i am still not able to rush around at the speed i ususally do when i am well - 18weeks and I am still feeling sick. But Baby is doing fine so that the most improtant thing. So Dairin is continuing to work full time whilst doing amost of the household chores. Added in to the mix is some extra work I am doing for Lilys preschool, induction days for lily at her new school, and of course her all important 4th birthday this week. Oh and in theory I am meant to be starting on all the show prep! I Think a few lists need to be started!!

We had another fun weekend at Golden Valley, and the weather was grim but not anywhere near as bad we expected thank goodness. Lots of great results especially Pat and Chilli going G6 in style - 3 wins!! Clever Chilli Bean :-)

Jo was handler for hire running Raq and Dooley at  short notice - with success!

At Thames Maid became very confident and was driving brilliantly - but turns were out of the question. So lots of turn work last week, and she had improved this weekend. By Sunday though she was at half speed, obviously tired. She just doesn't have much stamina yet, so her last 2 runs looked like we had never done agility before!

I have also started to focus on Glee a little, just basic trick training, contact position and running through wings. She is 6 months now and very toy focused so hopefully she will continue to enjoy her training.

kye is under the weather, seems his Kidneys and Liver are a little bit of an issue so we are monitoring him closely and hoping for the best. I know i will never be ready to lose my dog of a lifetime..... but with my hormones as high as they are I really can't even think about it. Just love him so much.

So no shows this week - instead I am off to Rexon to teach my final day of Steps to Success. Its been a really fun course to teach and i have had lots of positive feedback from the handlers. I had planned to run another series quite soon, but that will have to wait until next year now. So 2 extra days teaching for me this week, as I am in Plymouth all day Friday - fingers crossed for good weather!!



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