"I never have plans for the future as you never know how things will turn out." Nigella lawson

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Oh how the same could be said of me!! :-) Nigella seems to be a superwoman - maybe her attitude is what enables her to be so successful in so many ways all at the same time....... But thats not me :-)

I like to plan, indeed i NEED to plan! I like to know how and when I am going to get things done - some people would say a 'control freak', others a 'completer / finisher'.... I prefer organised!! And I admit that when i am organised, i feel happier and more relaxed. I don't do well at anything when i feel like a headless chicken!!

So at the moment my life is all about plans - for obvious reasons I guess with a new baby on the horizon, the August show ahead of us, and Lily starting school in September, life really will be going though lots of changes in routine and there is lots to sort out! But I am gradually working my way through my to do list, and I am also starting a list of things that will have to go on hold for a while!

One of these is Steps to Success. I taught the third and final day on Saturday and really enjoyed it. I have had some great feedback from the handlers - better than I could ever have imagined. My aim had been to continue on to another 3 month course but that is now not practical as i get heavier! So I hope to resume in January... But I am not sure what form this will take, and where to hold it. The practicalities of the whole family are a little mind blowing! So on to the back burner, and I will think about it at a later date. But thank you to everyone involved - I can't wait to get updates from you all on how you are doing!

As for the Keating Pack - not much to report as no show, and no training as the weather has been so bad. I am hoping to crack on again this week. Raq had now had a week of relaxation so today I am going to start his new physios exercises - he will engage his tummy muscles if it kills me!!  Kye seems ok at the moment.... fingers crossed thats how he stays. More blood tests in a couple of weeks. Glee is as wild as ever!! She really is a HUGE character in a small body - literally small at the moment - fingers crossed she grows a little more as I would prefer a medium!!

 Off to Lansdown next Saturday.... I don't enjoy the venue so we are only doing one day although Jo had got Raq for both days. Good Luck to everyone competing next weekend xx




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