" If anyone see's me near a boat......." Steve Redgrave

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I think this is one of my favourite Olympic quotes - Steve Redgrave giving people permission to shoot him if he steps near another boat ever again, yet 4 years later he wins another gold :-) It just shows how at any time something can seem so hard and demanding but given a little time and perspective - you can face it all over again! I guess I am empathising with the first part of his sentiment in regards to running a show!! Lots of reasons but goodness me roll on the 9th August when i intend to sleep for 24 hours!

I have missed blogging as we have all been unwell in the Keating household so I have been just about managing to keep up with usual daily tasks - but nothing extra! And now in approx 36 hours we go on site at Westpoint - so no blogs from me for a while again!

Nothing else to say - apart from see you at Westpoint - have fun!!! xx

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  1. Rachel Boobyer

    Good luck to all competing at SWAT. especially the SWATties

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