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Tomorrow we are off to TAG's new summer show - I can't wait! Hopefully the weather will be kind but as Wye Valley proved, SWATties can have fun whatever the weather! It has taken me a whole week to recover from our own show - Thank you so much to everyone who helped make it a success. I can honestly say I am relieved that we are not running a show next year. It is so much work, and 4 days is exhausting. See our news page for more info.

Quick update on all things SWAT

We are getting very booked up for our new classes starting in September. Jo will be doing more obedience classes and beginner agility as well as having more new one to one clients. I am winding down to complete Maternity leave in October - I am hardly teaching in September as Lily starts school and the hours are very sporadic! But to be honest, the bump is huge and heavy and I am struggling to walk about nevermind stand all day. I am enetered in TAG with Maid but i suspect i won't run her. Too slow with my thinking never mind movements!

We have had a few health scares with the pack, but all seem ok now. Glee is a wild thing - loving any training i do with her, but if shes lucky its 5 minutes a week. Maid is still driving me mad with her weave issues..... I need to focus on them but again time is lacking so i suspect it will have to wait until January! Boo is drawing ever closer to retirement, she has some junior runs with Lily this week which Lily is very excited about :-) Raq has been injured so just starting back to full exercise, hopefully he will be ok to compete next week and then do his Champ runs with Jo in September. As for Kye - hes fine :-) more and more stubborn but a happy boy.

So, TAG here we come - and a day at Alton Towers. So much fun ahead! See you all soon - good luck what ever shows you are at! xx


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