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Last week we went to TAG show and that marks the end of my competition season this year - I am now too fat and waddly to risk running about! I had a lovely time, socially and agility wise. Maid grew in confidence over the week and I am so pleased with how her first year has gone as she has hardly done any shows, or had any training compared to my other young dogs before her! That said she managed to get some places last week in G3 and then on her last run of the week and therefore the year she won G3 Agility so moves to G4. That was not the plan as I wanted to ease her back in next year but I am sure we will cope - and maybe run a few take your own lines!! :-) Such a clever Girly - she really is the kindest natured dog i have ever owned.

Raq is running well for Jo, despite pushing his luck! Their first Champ next Saturday at Prestbury - fingers crossed!

Boo is still doing fab - no signs of slowing down - her times at TAG were very competitive - and she was such a good girl running with Lily in juniors! Hopefully that will get easier as they start to do some training sessions together!

Kye and Glee - had a lovely time away camping - happy dogs!

So, Daz is doing one day at shows most weekends in September - i may come along for the day depending how tired i am! We are trying to get organised ready for the baby as we don't want to be caught out unprepared a 2nd time! SWAT wise plans are all made - Jo and I have spent some time doing hand overs of specific dogs so continuity will be achieved. Bookings are going very well for our obedience classes and beginners agility groups as well as Jo being very busy with one to ones now. So all good :-)

I rarely look at at the club league tables but wow!! We have a HUGE number of points this year - and we are still the most successful club south of Bristol - thankyou everyone for your support.

Hope to see some of you at the field or Prestbury at the weekend - Good Luck to Pat and Chilli for the Olympia Semis this Sunday xx

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