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I doubt that anyone has missed me blogging - but I can't believe its been a month! What have I been up to I ask myself?!?! To be honest my head has been in Baby brain gear and I have had no concentration span at all. I have been happy plodding along but the thought of writing coherently?? Not a hope!! But I feel slightly more on the ball so thought I would ramble on a bit!

The last month has been weird as I have been popping along to shows occasionally to watch but for short periods of time, and not really seen many people. I also haven't been working much - if at all - and am now officially on Maternity leave - well, I am not actually teaching :-) So I am feeling slightly out of the loop as far as SWAT is concerned! Thank goodness for Jo, keeping it all going - and getting some great results already!

I must say well done to Pat, Sarah, Teresa and Tash who have all gone up a grade this month - exciting times next year. Also exciting is that Raq and Tor have mated - we will know if she is in pup in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!!

So why my opening quote?....... Well 2 reasons.

A few years ago someone complained about our tannoy system at our show, and threatened to get us shut down - all very aggressive and bullying. This last weekend there was a car show at our venue - and they played music over the tannoy for 3 days, had car horn competitions etc etc You get my drift. So i sort of felt that there was a little poetic justice in it all!

Secondly - and actually  I am quite shocked by this - at a local show last week, some trainers from another club local to us did not realise that they were standing next to and talking to one of our members. Another of our members went in the ring, and knocked a pole. These trainers were so gleeful " yes! he trains with THEM, ha he took a pole"....... Really??? Why are some people so bitter / resentful / nasty? Agility is fun, it is meant to enrich your life and add to it. How can feeling like that be helpful to yourself or anyone around you? All i can say is " what goes around......."  I hope they read this, and realise and are ashamed of themselves.....

So, news from SWAT. Obedience has stopped, as we just don't have time to fit it in. Winter workshops are all full and operating a waiting list. Christmas meal is all organised - let me know asap your menu choices!!

As for the keatings.... Lily loves school - phew! Dogs are all ok, no training at all for them until January, lots of cuddles and walks. Dairin and I are on tenterhooks waiting for the arrival of the baby...... watch this space!!


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