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The weekend saw us in Cornwall and for once the sun shone on Wadebridge - and there wasn't even much wind! not that it helped our results. Poor Boo is definitely not happy at the moment - we can only think she was freaked out by me running her last weekend - as soon as it went wrong she just stopped working and wouldn't do any obstacles - Dairin tried to gee her up but she wasn't having any of it. She was better on Sunday so lets hope shes relaxed this coming weekend at Bromsgrove.
Raq was wild - he crashed lots of jumps and took out the wings as well. We are also back on the old debate of "raq" and "back" sounding too similar -do i spend the winter retraining his back command? i'm not sure yet - watch this space.
However Raq's efforts weren't helped at Wadebridge by old equipment. So many dogs jumped off sideways on the seesaw as it banged and rattled and moved all ways. and of course there were the narrow weaves. Raqs bottom overtook his head and he fell out of them - as did lots of the faster dogs. I do not know why the KC don't regulate the spacing of the weaves - its such a fine tuned rhythmn that dogs have to get throug hat pace and suddenly its different. No other obstacle differs. Madness.
Off my soap box now - well done to Sam and Billy with great results this weekend - go the Dalmatians!
Good Luck to Lesley and Hex for this coming weekend and Hexs' debut - we will be cheering you on!
See you all at training! x

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