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Time flies whn you are having fun - or you have a young baby in the house!!! I honestly don't know where the days / weeks go. A non-stop round of changing, feeding and the school runs soon uses up my day! But i have been managing to get in some fun stuff as well :-)

We have had visits from family and friends over half term which was lovely. I have also taught a few more times and have managed to work out dogs as well so i am very pleased! I am now aching all over afetr a training session with Jo yesterday where she made me run!! Great fun and the dogs were fab - Maid has now done 2 training sessions with perfect sets of 12 weaves - hooray!!! I am still worried about how it will translate into the show ring but so far so good. Unfortunately she has come into season so won't be competing at S Devon this weekend - have to wait for Easter. I am pleased that she is now happy in the weaves and that my training plan worked - 6 weeks of 2 sessions a week, taking it slow and bingo! Fingers crossed we keep them!

Raq is at full height ready to compete on Saturday  - he is looking good and remembers it all - I on the other hand am terrible!! My timing is off so who knows what will happen! I am going on the wii fit most days doing the balance games in an attempt to improve not only my core stability after the C Section but also my reactions and timings.... I really do need help!! But at least we are having fun :-)

Glee is doing a few small sessions - causing us to think differently as she is definitely unique!! Jo and I are having to improvise how we teach her things as somethings clearly don't make sense to her!

Boot Camp is almost full  - I can't believe the amazing reaction we had when we announced it! There are a few spaces on certain workshops left - We will wait a few more weeks and then we may offer spaces on specific sessions as one offs... If we have any spaces by then! Jo and I are getting excited about it!!

Hopefully see some of you at S Devon - Adam's first show - not sure how that will work out with the amount of bottles he has in the day! But it will be fun and Lily is very excited to be seeing everyone again! xx


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