The Rainy Blues!

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Last night the groups were really good fun - the last lot being chaos as usual! Despite the down pours we coped fine but today.......the rain all night has water logged the ground so i have had to cancel lessons - not good :-( However all this rain has finally softened the floor in the barn so from next week we can work in there so lessons can continue - despite needing the ark to get across the first field!
Last weekend the sun shone for our interclub match with Leads. despite some really good solo performances (especially Mel and Tom who were so consistent!) we were beaten. Lets hope that the second leg will be more successful for us! But the main thing was that we all had fun. Thanks to everyone who helped look after Lily - especially Lesley and the "snot" so funny incident!!
Vicky reports that Joker is getting very fat and waddley now - i remember it well! We are all starting to get a little nervous now as well as excited!
Chip is going on well after a second operation to refix the pins - thanks to everyone again for their kind comments.
Since i last posted i have had some really fun training with Raq - firstly with David Munnings - who chased Raq with a pole hehe!! And then yesterday Martin and Hazel Tait came down and we all worked together - i really enjoy traning in a group and as ever its always my nerves that cause the issues. Lets hope by Easter i will have it cracked!
We are off to do family stuff this weekend - no agility! Have a fun weekend and see you all next week!

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