Excitement.....and panic!!

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After lots of rain and cancelled lessons last week the barn is now ready to be used for lessons - the ground has just about softened enough.
So business as usual hopefully from now on.
Great news (hence the excitement in the title!) Cornwall Agility Club have agreed to give us a licence so we can hold our own KC Open show next year!! We are really excited and very grateful to Cornwall in trusting us not to let them down. Hence all the panic - suddenly i have a very long to do list!! The show will be 31st July and 1st August so pencil it in too your diaries as we will be needing lots of help :-)
Last weekend we had time off from agility going to stay with family in Southampton - it was lovely to go for long walks in the New Forest and enjoy all the autumn colours - although i wasn't impressed with the ponies!
See you all at the field!

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  1. Ray Hobbs

    Let me know how I can help with Open Show event.

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