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Well it has been a while since i did a blog as so much has been going on in our lives that i didn't feel i wanted to share - or i couldn't! Now Life is slightly more settled and some of the issues we have been having are dealt with - or at least on a back burner! So I can write happily without feeling like I am telling Fibs!! Always have been too honest for my own good :-)

This weekend we went to Wallingford for the day and really enjoyed it. We caught up with lots of people who we only ever see at shows, and had fun being out and about as a family of 4 ;-) And it wasn't that much hardwork!

The dogs did us proud and produced the training i have been doing, in the ring - so I was very happy. Maid had better contacts - better position and faster. I just forgot to work  the rest of the course! Now that her contacts and weaves are getting sorted I need to start to focus on her turns  - tighness but also her understanding of them. Its just been impossible to do it all!

And Raq is finally starting to trust me again so no more silly jumping - Lots of grids are paying off - as they always do! Boo was a star - 4th place in G7 agility at the age of 10 and she ripped her toe nail off half way round! we realised when she had finished - so no agility for a while for her. Such a shame as Lily is now having one to one sessions with Jo and they are nearly doing full courses. When Lily gets confident about doing it in front of other people they may actually manage to get round a junior class - but no worries if they don't - as long as they have fun :-)

Glee is now starting some basic training - and makes me laugh every sesion! I will never be able to run her properly - and I am sure Judges will be giggling too!

Us humans are all ok - Adam is teething so a little grumpy and that means tiredness for me and Daz! I am back at work  - not many hours but I have enjoyed the lessons so far. Its nice to see how much people have improved over the winter. Its also been nice to meet some of Jo's clients - weird not knowing all the SWATties! The club has evolved over the last 6 years since it started and it goes in cycles - but one thing is sure - the club always gets stronger no matter what happens. We remain committed to providing consistent training that is value for money and having a supportive and friendly atmosphere. We want to make sure newbies feel relaxed in our group sessions and that everyone supports each other. I feel every excited about our newbies coming out this year - and the direction SWAT is going.  

This weekend we are off to Cornwall for a weekend of competing but as Boo is injured I may well be at the show on my own and Daz will stay with the kids in the warm at my mums... we will see what the weather is like. Funny - not sure how i feel about being at a show on my own - not sure i have ever done it before and as at the moment i always seem to have someone (child!) with me it would be very strange! We shall see.....

Good Luck to all our members who are competing this weekend. Let us know how you get on - we really are interested! xx

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