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This last week has flown by - blown by would be more apt after all this terrible weather. The field is very wet and slippy so the barn is really in use now. However i lost my voice last week so couldn't teach last Thursday ( I blame having to shout above the noise created by Doug!) and am still feeling pretty rotten. Lily seems to also be under the weather, very clingy this evening -  so who knows what the rest of this week will bring!
Dates have now been decided for next years interclub matches with Leads - let me know if you are interested in being in the team. Planning is also very much under way for our May show. Pam is being a superstar with creating the schedule, and Vicky has managed to rope in 2 more judges. We have alot to do but we are getting there! If you fancy helping out -simple phone calls - then let me know - i love to delegate!
We went to see the pups agin to day. They are so funny to watch - such time wasters! They are running around, chasing Lily and rough playing with each other. Cuddles were no longer easy to get, as they were so determined to be off exploring. Its still the 2 boys who have stolen my heart - Jack is so handsome and Snap so bouncy! I wil get Daz to upload the new photos.
At the moment we are trying to find a hall to do some obedience classes in. Lots of members - new and old - are having trouble finding an obedience class to suit them and i get lots of enquiries abput puppy training so we have decided to run some classes for a few months and see how it goes. The plan is to do a puppy class, then a basic session, and then end with an advanced class. So if you can think of anywhere near or in Bridgwater that would be suitable for us to use then please let us know!
Dairin and I are counting down to the weekend - Its our 6th Wedding anniversary (He will say it seems alot longer!) and Abi is coming to babysit so we can go out for a meal - very grown up!
Well, hope to seeyou all in the week - and am hoping not to feel too rubbish - don't get too close! :-)

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