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Where did the summer go?!?!? quickly and with lots of fun! We have had a fab summer holiday, loving the time we have spent as a family.

Shows have been intermittent at best - the ones we have got to we have left early as too hot / wet/cold/poorly child etc etc! But then again it really doesn't matter, we have had fun with the dogs, the kids and our friends, and thats what it is all about.

I have been more up to date on facebook than here on the website - please do check out the SWAT Dogs page. I have decided to copy below two posts which i have put on FB over the summer which i have had good feedback about - i hope it is helpful :-)


"A piece of advice to all my clients / friends in advance of your winter training.
If your aim over winter is to teach something specific ie faster contacts, faster weaves, tighter turns, new commands etc then think very carefully about entering winter shows / matches.
You need weeks / months of consistent rewarding of behaviours before you start to add them into sequences - so competing, even at a fun show -  can undo all your training. If contacts are being re taught - you should not be doing agility runs at  a show until you are 100% happy with them in training, over a period of time.
And dogs all benefit from a break - give them a month off - they will come back faster and happier! They should not be working all year round.
Don't be conned into entering everything on offer - unless of course focus and your own nerves are your issues "


"Does anyone else have their winter training plan sorted yet??!?
I do Maybe because the last two winters I have been too fat/ ill to train! But watching some of the Olympia qualifying runs got me wondering. ..... I have been determined to keep Maid in G4 this year as I am not happy with her turns, far too wide. Yet some of those runs show top handlers with dogs with huge turns! And I have noticed the same when watching champ recently. Forward speed, handler speed and running contacts seem the most important factor.
I shall stick to my plans. ...I can't run faster, so running contacts are not for me.... I also firmly believe that dogs are more like to get injured when turning wide as it usually means they are trying to turn in the air, and putting their body through a lot of impact, or not using their muscles correctly. Just a thought "
Hope to see you all at a show soon - we will be the ones arriving late, leaving early, but hopefully smiling!! :-)




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