What a week!

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This last week has not been good with the Keating household being poorly. My cold wasgetting worse all last week and Lily's tummy wasn't quite right. Then Friday we both went down with the sickness bug. It was so frustrating as Abi had come to stay and babysit so D and I could go our for our anniversary - 2 mouthfuls in to the meal and i had to leave :-( So the weekend was a washout. I am finally getting a little better today but still am not up to much. Hopefully i will be right as rain to teach on Thursday - I am so sorry to everyone who has had cancelled lessons in the last 2weeks. A pain for you guys and not helpful to our finances in the run up to Christmas!
Huge congratulations to Lesley and Hex for 3 places (including a 1st!) at Blackdown on Sunday. Also to Annie and Minimay for a 1st  - Annies first ever 1st place - I am so pleased for you ;-)
So 2 more teaching weeks til the Xmas break - We are planning a SWAT walk between Xmas and New year with Cake back at ours afterwards - i will let you all know asap the date.
Also as of Feb I will be doing Puppy socialisation classes and basic and advanced obedience at Bawdrip Village Hall on a Monday evening. Please let anyone who you think may be interested know - the fliers and details will be available shortly.
See you all soon xx

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