"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." Henry Ford

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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." Henry Ford


Changes have been happening behind the scenes at SWAT that will make 2014 a great year for all of us.

When I started teaching agility, Dairin and I were adamant that we were not going to start up a club. Within 6 months, because of the enthusiasm of the small group of people around us, SWAT was formed and went from strength to strength. What a beginning!

We have had our ups and downs along the way - having 2 children was never going to make running a club easy - but we wouldn’t change any of it!

Jo coming to teach at SWAT 2 years ago was a blessing – and she has had amazing achievements both as a handler and as a trainer. SWAT has continued to grow, as Jo teaches the same positive SWAT methods ensuring consistency throughout all lessons and that everyone has fun whilst learning.  

Definite progress for us as a club.

Having Adam gave me some time out to check my priorities – something I must keep doing – and the chance to restructure our lesson times and days. It soon became clear that Jo and I are nearly at capacity and  to take on new members, or to do new projects that we feel are important for the improvement of our members, would require another new chapter. So to continue improving SWAT, in 2014, we will have 2 more people to help us (SAS?? Staff at SWAT??)

Most of you will know Tash from training, shows and our social events. Well, we are pleased to announce that she will start teaching at SWAT from February. She has been shadowing us for the last few months and she is now ready to take this next step. With Tash strengthening our trainer numbers, it allows us to continue running beginner courses and to develop new workshops.

All this means that with another trainer, more members, more workshops that usually sell out in a mad panic in less than 24 hours!, it all adds up to more admin for me, at a time when I don’t have any spare hours in the day!  5 dogs, 2 children and Dairin keep me very busy! Also, when I do have spare time I would rather be teaching than sitting at a laptop, so Janice Rayment is taking over admin duties for us. This means SWAT will be better organised and able to deal with communication more promptly. Obviously some changes have had to be made to the admin set up and processes we were operating but they will hopefully be in place and working by the end of next week, and Jan will be able to relax!

Please remember to use the new email address: [email protected].

So, we began, we progressed and we are now working together to achieve more success for all our members.

We are very excited about the next stage of SWAT. Working together is success but also breeds success.

If you have any queries – please do get in touch.


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