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I must apologise for the lack of posts recently - it seems to have been a very busy and hard few weeks.
Sad news of SWAT dogs - Billys lameness seems to be steadily getting worse so he is off for Xrays next week and possibly an operation. We miss you Sam, and hope he's soon back, fighting fit showing those grade 3 collies how contacts are meant to be done.
Most of you know that Dottie had emergency surgery last week to have a whole walnut removed from her tummy! She has been making a good recovery but Monday night was very sick. The vets think there is no infection so fingers crossed for Dottie and Nat that they are right.
Tomorrow Mary is taking Tigga to a specialist in Bath for an MRI scan as he had a second fit on Monday morning. Hopefully this will rule out anything more sinister than epilepsy.
We are thinking of all of you. Its a HUGE reminder that whilst agility is a special part of our lives its so much more important to have the dogs at all.
Plans for the show are coming on nicely, trophies and rosettes sorted. Next mission is portaloos - lovely!! Home life is busy as we have yet again been ill - all 3 of us had the stomach bug over the weekend - Lily is back eating but Dairin and I both can't face it yet! This meant that i couldn't teach at Leads on Sunday as planned - thankyou so so much to Vicky for stepping in at such short notice. Hopefully i will get down there soon - this does mean i may have to re-arrange some of our swat workshops.
Lets hope life settles down for us all!!

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