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  1. Well, what a busy weekend!
    Well done to everyone who got places at Worcester and Carn Brea. Also well done to Jo and Fluke - no clear round but Fluke was flying, and to Pam and Shevi who achieved both their targets. Sometimes small goals are just as important in the long term plans of agility as the winning.
    The weather at Worcester was awful but at least the show wasn't cancelled!
    On Sunday I did a training day at Humber Hounds - Thanks to David and Theresa for their hospitality. We were quite lucky with the weather and i really enjoyed the sessions seeing some old and new faces! Hopefully they enjoyed it too!
    Now we are counting down to the weekend and our week away in Cornwall. Hopefully the weather will be nice and Lily can build her first sand castle! Then of course it will be Wye Valley which we are really looking forward to as most of you swatties will be there, so a social time will be had by all i expect!
    See you in the week - don't forget the fun night on Thursday - fingers crossed for a sunny evening!
  2. Well what great results for SWAT at Blackdown on Sunday - see the news page for a full list but i am so proud of you all. It was also really nice to see everyone supporting each other at ringside - we had lots of comments about what a friendly bunch you all are - if they only knew!!!!!! Make sure all you acheivers get you Voice points in!
    Hopefully we will another great day for the club on Saturday at Worcester - fingers crossed for the starters challenge!
    As a family we seem very busy as usual - not helped by an unusally grumpy Lily - but 2 teeth in 3 days is probably the reason for that. We are at Worcester on Saturday, then I am teaching for Humber Hounds on Sunday - i'm sure Dairin and Lily will have a lovely day together??!!!
    See you all at the field! x