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  1. Our first KC Open show of the year is so close i can almost touch it! November was the last time we competed and we have enjoyed the break, but i am really looking forward to this Sunday at Carn Brea. I have no expectations what so ever as i know Dairin and i will be rubbish handlers :-) we will be far too excited and so will the dogs - but still i am looking forward to it.
     I am wondering how the all the dogs will act - including Maid being around the rings ( i apologise now for the screaming banshee on the end of the lead!).
     Also Doug - i have invested alot of time and energy in this little man (huge thankyou to Trudy for her support!), Its not always very easy but in training he has really come on. He is actually trying to please me which is a huge breakthrough. I don't think he will produce the same level at a show, far too many distractions for him but it will interesting to see just what he does do. I want him to be happy and relaxed ....... we didnt get him expecting to make him a star - we wanted a dog that Lily could have a go with if she wants to when shes a bit older. At the moment  he definitely looks like he will fulfill that role so we are pleased.
    I am also very excited about all the socialising and chatting , it seems ages since we saw some of our friends. The chance to support others and celebrate (or commiserate) with them. As usual Daz will get cross with me for talking too much to our friends :-) And Lily will have a fab time getting lots of attention!
    I must mention some great results by SWATies already this year. Meddler and Chilli both did their first ever show last weekend and not only went clear they got 3rd in their respective classes!! Well done!! I believe they both then went up a gear (they are already fast!) so it maybe a few more shows before Jo and Pat catch them back up again and get another clear!! Also to Wren - another agility run with nailed contacts - Phew! Think we can finally stop worrying about them and relax :-)
    So off to start highlighting running orders yippeeeeeee!!!!!!
    See you at the rings!
  2. Whoopsy!!! Sorry its been a while since my last update - no excuses just life has been bussy as usual. Lots has happened in the last 2 weeks so i won't bore you with lots of catching up!  just the odd snippet :-)
    Dairin is home - hurray!! No more Milton Keynes! We are very happy to all be back together - hopefully he will start back at Yeovil sometime in April. Now we just want the right shift pattern so SWAT is unaffected - Fingers crossed please!
    Training has been SO much fun!!! I have had alot of laughs - especially tonight :-) the 'special' group (thanks for the name Gail) was just that! Its lovely to see people haaving fun - even if they aren't going clear - lots of laughs and banter - thanks guys :-) 
    The same has to be said for most of the ssessions over the last few weeks, including the last unruly group of the Dave M weekend - I love the atmosphere and it reminds me why i am so looking forward to the show season.
    So, Shows................. its nearly time
    GOOD LUCK!!!!
    To all the SWATties young and old, shorrt and tall,  I hope you have a fab season and achieve your dreams - most importantly have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your dog - they are what it is all about.
    Special mention must go to those about to do their first shows
    Jo and Meddler
    Pat and Chilli
    Vicky and Trick
    The Phoenix Pups (Razzle, Pepsi,Harvey and Mitch)
    Rachel and Lottie
    Olivia and Duna
    Lyn and Dollie
    and Later in the year Gill and Tor, and Sam and Lola
    I am so excited to have been involved with all of you - go get em!!!!!