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  1. We are now counting down the days to our Show - more or less everything is done that can be done before hand so now i am impatient to be on site and get going!
    We have already had so much help from people - thanks again to Trudy and Allan who gave up most of their weekend to help us mark the field and sort out rosettes etc. The ground is looking good - phew! So i wonder what people will find to complain about? I am much more prepared for the moans this year - hopefully no tears from me this time! I am also aware that after last year people will be overly critical of the ground - but i know that this year its fine - the same as lots of other field that host shows so i am not going to stress myself out...... well - thats the plan!!
    I am not looking forward to leaving Lily at my sisters even though i know she will have a fab time - alot more fun than being stuck with us and i am so very lucky to have such a supportive family. But still  - leaving her will be hard..... She is so much fun to be around, full of energy and learning so much - it still amazes how happy she makes us :-)
    The dogs have had a busy weekend spending most of it at the field running around - the evenings have been very peaceful! I have been rubbish at doing Dougs physio so i am going to make an effort to be more disciplined this week! Maid is getting more and more feisty - naughty pup at the field but loving and calm at home - that lovely balance that we enjoy with Raq - hopefully she will enjoy her agility as much as him.
    I taught at Celestine club in Bristol on Saturday and had a lovely day meeting new people. It was so rewarding to watch dogs with jump issues do some grid work, use their heads and problem solve right before your eyes - it always makes me smile - especially the handlers reactions!
    My train the trainers session is now nearly full - so after the show i will seeking out some stooge dogs - i need certain types so will be asking around! I think that all the basics can be covered in a day - it is a perfect introduction or refresher for trainers - if anything more than that is required then trainers should be going on the Agility clubs course to get a RECOGNISED qualification - their course is excellent - but very tiring!
    I doubt that i will be blogging for a while now - a busy week ahead!
    Hope to see some of you at our show xx
  2. Apologies for not updating my blog for a few weeks - time has escaped me and i have been 'doing' lots! I am not going to ramble on and recap everything since Easter - i can already imagine the yawns! But the highlights!
    Being on Holiday was fab :-) It was lovely to spend so much time with Lily, not rushing around but going out every day to feed the ducks, go to the park and of course go on the beach - she loved the stream but was not impressed with the sea! It was freezing! She had a fab time with Granny and Papa - we are so lucky to be made so welcome by my parents - they cope very well with 5 dogs and a toddler!
    Since then life has been very busy - trying to catch up with show organising , training and working as well as SMART visits, and house work..... i really have felt over whelmed at times - my own fault for booking long days of teaching - but i am enjoying the lessons so nevermind. Hence my Yoda quote - i am not trying to get on top of my to do list - i am DOING it! :-) Albeit slowly it seems :-)
    So ..... Agility...... Whoop Whoop to so many SWATties for amazing results since the Easter weekend. We have really enjoyed the show so far this year as the club spirit has been so good and we have really enjoyed the time spent with everyone.
    But HUGE congratulations must go to  Pat - going Grade 4 with both Dooley and Chilli in one weekend - and Chilli only started competing in April! Also to Gail and Dairin for qualifying for the Olmpia Semi's - very exciting. I could go on and on as so many people have had wins - please do see our news page for regular updates.
    So my dogs.....
    I am having quite a good start to the season with Raq - a few wins already - he seems to be really listening and we seem to have it together which is lovely - long may it continue, I am nearly on the verge of calling him honest!!
    Maid is doing some lovely work - she is starting to enjoy contacts now that they involve more running. She is now doing poles on the ground not just empty wings and has done both types of tunnels happily. She just loves to work which is fab.
    And Doug..... oh my goodness i love this little lad but he drives me insane - constantly making me question myself as he winds me up so easily. He is still getting places when he goes clear but the clears have not been good. At the field he is working well, driven and fast. We seemed to have made a breakthrough after researching dogs digestive system. (thanks Trudy) We are now no longer feeding him breakfast just tea and he is happier. His runs have improved. But yesterday he didn't listen to me in his final run (he had had 2 nice runs - he won the jumping) so in trying to get him back concentrating i raised my voice. He then shut down even more - it would seem my feisty boy is losing confidence in the ring if i am strict with him - so a corner has been turned as he is actually wanting to get it right! hurrah! So i am going to have to stay nice and calm even if he is wandering off.......watch this space! He has gone to SMART clinic with Sue Chapman today for his first treatment - as he has a tight lower back - hope he is a good boy.
    I must just mention Janet Mason. Many of you will know she sadly passed away recently - Dairin went to her memorial on Friday as i couldn't get childcare for the funeral. We will really miss her - such a lovely kind lady who always had time for us and made me laugh. She offered me so much advice before and during our show last year, and came on my training days at rexon - always having a fab time. I still can't quite believe we won't see her at the next show........
    And our show..... Well alot of stuff is done but i seem to be in a mad panic about final arrangements........ ah well it will happen - it has to! 
    I am really looking forward to the get together on the Sunday night when it is all done!
    See you There!!!