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  1. The last few weeks there seems to have been a common theme running through lots of my lessons - admittedly lessons with people who are not my regular clients. Handlers are often under the impression that there is only one to handle sequences.Certain 'rules' must be obeyed.....
    Well.... I don't think its as black and white as that. And the handlers i have been speaking to soon realise that agility is not just 'one size fits all'.
    Handling 'systems' do work - not doubt about that - but they work for some people. Thats because every dog / handler partnership is different. Fast handlers with slow dogs, slow handlers with fast dogs, fast handlers and fast dogs....... you get my meaning! The fastest way of handling a sequence may vary depending on what the particular partnership are physically able to do. So the handling system they use needs to fit them.....
    So when i see people of my stature (slow!) with dogs like Raq (fast!) trying to get in front cross after front cross I do silently wonder why they don't realise how much they are slowing their dogs down...... I honestly believe that all handling moves / turns are important to every partnership - just some partnerships will use certain moves more than others.
    So as my quote says - we are not all the same - i don't have long legs - and I cannot hope to resemble those who do!! :-)
    So - if you hear a trainer say ' You just need to run faster' - then they have ran out of ways to help you  - all sequences should be able to done a variety of ways - and your trainer should be able to explain them!
    On Sunday we had our Match against Leads - we WON!! It was a really fun day and a good time was had by all. Thankyou to Leads for hosting. Must mention Tor and Ace - their first public outing and they did themselves proud! Check out their runs on our utube channel (SWATdogsuk).
    This week is the last week of evening classes until January - privates continue for another 2 weeks - but it will be nice to have some time off in the evenings!
    keep your eyes open on your emails - details of the Xmas walk coming soon!
    T xx
  2. In my last blog I said I was catching up on my to do list so I was going to announce my spring dates - well - i was right - CHAOS!!!  What can i say but wow! nearly all the workshops and Saturday one to ones were full within 24 hours. I am sorry to those of you who didn't get what you wanted - but I just can't make any more hours in a day!
    Last Sunday we didn't go to Dartmoor Show - instead i did a training day for Carn Brea club in Cornwall. I really enjoyed the day - thank you to Lisa for looking after me so well :-) But also thank you to all the handlers for working hard and being open to some new ideas. It gave me food for thought on the drive home so watch this space for a new series of workshops in 2012!
    Well done to lots of SWATties who had great results and runs at Dartmoor - and we have points on the board :-)
    At Training i am seeing some real progression with so many dogs at the moment - dogs who are loving agility and are becoming true agility dogs! The lessons also seem to be lots of fun - people having a good time with lots of laughs - it makes teaching very enjoyable. And the warm winter we are having definitely helps as well!
    My own dogs are working well - Doug has gone up a gear so the motivation work is working well but i don't seem to be able to steer him now- whoops! Maid is growing in confidence and stamina - seems she has been having a phantom pregnancy so no wonder she hasn't been very energetic - yet she has learnt to weave beautifully!
    This weekend is the SWAT / Leads match - i can't wait to have time for a catch up with everyone - Lily is really looking forward to going to a show! And of course we are looking forward to the fun atmosphere that we always have at these events - GO SWAT!! I guess i'll have to cheer Leads on as well as quite a few of their members train with me as well :-)
    My last few blogs have been full of news but nothing very hard hitting - partly due to my current frame of my mind but also because i am tryinmg very hard not to upset anyone - there have been lots of events / incidents recently that have caused me concern about agility - but a it doesnt affect my club, dogs, friends etc then i have kept out of it - i am sure i will soon be back to being outspoken!!