COVID-19 Lockdown videos

During the first 2020 Lockdown we continued with online training and created these Lockdown Challenges. If you try any of these, do post your progress and efforts on our Facebook page. The Challenges are not just for Lockdown; many are suitable for general training and bonding with your dog.

why do our challenges

Introduction to the SWAT Lockdown Challenges with Toni Davis

#1 Nose TOUCH

Teach you dog to touch your hand and then an object.
The video demonstates using a clicker and a verbal response.

#2 reversing

Useful to teach back-end awareness and good for all dogs.

#3 Leg weaving

A really good behaiour to help the dog know where its back end is and as a warm up exercise.

#4 Elephant pedestal Trick

A great trick which is useful for starting other dog sports eg Parkour and competitive Heelwork and Healwork to Music.


Training a close heelwork position moving in all directions.

#5 spin and twist

A behaviour that can be build into lots of other behaviours.

The video includes some great advice on how to train this with a dog that is really struggling.

#6 instant down

Or a sit or even an instant stand (still).

From basics close by you to commanding from a distance.

This skill can be a life-safer. And can be a great help for young dogs still learning a recall.

#7 bow

A good follow-on from the previous training of a 'Down'.

#8 middle position

Getting the dog to move into position between your legs. Often used by handlers to position the dog before their agility run.

With an extension to get the dog walking with front feet on your feet.