Terms & Conditions


  • All courses are to be paid for in full even if you are unable to attend all the sessions within that specific course.
  • Payment for all courses and training sessions should be made at the time of placing a booking and are not transferrable to other sessions.
  • In the unfortunate event that we have to cancel a session, we will offer you an alternative date. If you cannot attend the new date we will offer you a credit note.
  • You may cancel your booking (purchase) within a period of 48 hours after you place your booking. However, there is no right of cancellation where the activity begins within the next 7 days. A £5 administration fee will be charged on all refunds.
  • All Bookings are non-refundable / transferable (except where specified below) after the initial 48 hour cooling off period.

Reboot weekend (16 - 18 June 2023) - All competitions and workshops are booked individually. There are no refunds and bookings are not transferable except as follows. If there is a waiting list and someone on that list takes the space before the end of May then a refund, less a £5 administration fee, will be paid. Camping is non refundable in any circumstance and must be booked and paid for in advance. All bookings are to be made online. Similarly, if you cannot attend any event and cancel your place, this should be done online so the Bookwhen system can contact the next person on the waiting list.
Gold tickets, giving access to priority booking, may be refundable for a credit note depending on the individual circumstances until individual competitions and workshops are booked when the cancellation and refund policy explained above will apply.

Agility Workshops, Fun Comps and Course Running Nights – In the unfortunate circumstance that you need to cancel your session, we will refund you if we are able to fill your space - we often have waiting lists. You are welcome to sell your space to a dog and handler of a similar level, if we do not have a waiting list (please check with us first about a waiting list, BY EMAIL). If you cancel within 7 days of the event we regret we will not be able to offer you a refund in any circumstances or allow a transfer to another handler.

Agility Foundations – Due to the nature of this course and the skills covered, it is important to attend all sessions. If you have to miss more than one session it will not be possible to re-join and you will need to sign up for a following course.

Members weekly groups – Payment is required on the first day of the month for the full month. If we have to chase you for payment twice in a quarter we will add a £5 admin fee to your monthly fees for 3 months. We reserve the right to cancel your space if late payements continue. Your space in the group is yours until you decide you no longer want it when we require you to give us a full calendar months notice.  

121s (Private lessons) - If you have to cancel a lesson more than 7 days before your session, and we can fill your slot, we will credit you with the fee for that lesson. However, if we CANNOT fill your slot or it is less than 7 days, then the payment will stand as lesson availability, especially in the evenings, is at a premium.

If you have a specific slot booked each week (available only to members) you will need to pay a 50% retainer fee if you are unable to make the lesson for a period of time due to holiday etc. but wish to retain that slot for when you come back. This is because the slot will effectively be unavailable during your absence, and we will be unable to fill that slot for such a short space of time despite having a waiting list.


  • SWAT believes in positive reinforcement. Harsh Handling is not accepted under any circumstances and you will be asked to leave site on a permanent basis and forfeit your booking.
  • We require all dogs to be on lead at ALL times unless they are in the designated exercise area which is clearly marked. This is especially important in the Car Park area.
  • Please park sensibly. Do not block access points or the space reserved for the Airbnb.
  • Please respect the site speed limit of 5 mph at all times.
  • Some dogs attend SWAT for help with undesirable behaviours - therefore please ensure that your dogs do not leave the exercise area unless they are on a lead as they may compromise another dog’s training.
  • We request that everyone turns up a minimum of 15 minutes before their lesson to walk their dogs and ensure they have been to the toilet. If you have a dog who wees a lot, please ensure they go more than once before entering. During the lesson, keep your eye on your dog, if it starts sniffing, move it on, don't give it the chance to go. If you feel that you cannot manage this, then sadly SWAT is not the club for you.
  • Under 18s, including Junior Handlers, must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while on site.
  • Do not allow dogs to use any of the training equipment unless under direct supervision from an instructor.
  • Please note that children (or adults) are not allowed to climb on any of the equipment at any time.
  • SWAT takes no responsibility for loss or damages thar may occur when equipment is in use.
  • Unfortunately, whilst in season, bitches must not attend SWAT. Please consider this when booking an event or course.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is fit and healthy to attend training and partake in the activities you have registered for and must not be suffering from any infectious disease that could be transmitted to any other dogs.
  • Kennel Cough. If any of your dogs have had Kennel Cough, all your dogs must be free of all symptoms for 10 days before returning to training.
  • Please pick up after your dog in all areas and take any poo bags away with you or place them in a designated bin.
  • We do not accept responsibility for damage to vehicles whilst at SWAT
  • Swat does not accept dogs with any type of aggression on site.
  • We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the site if they are behaving in a way that is not considered appropriate by SWAT.
  • Agility is an active sport for both dogs and humans. As such accidents will happen despite our best efforts to keep everyone safe. eg. People will fall over, dogs will bang into jumps and people!! When you sign up for classes, you are accepting the risks involved and agreeing that we have done our best to keep you and your dog safe.


Membership is available for people who train with SWAT regularly - usually at least once a month. That training can be one-to-ones, groups or workshops or a mixture. It tends to be by invitation once someone has been to some sort of training each month for about three months or six 1:1 lessons, minimum once a month. So members really do train with SWAT – you can't just wear the t-shirt!

Membership benefits include:

  1. Reduced rate for private lessons and workshops.
  2. Weekly groups.
  3. Multiple lessons can be booked in advance.
  4. Advance notice of all training sessions/workshops/boot camps etc

Membership is paid for annually and lasts for 12 months (as long as you continue training with us)

Please note that (unless we agree to extenuating circumstances), should you stop regular monthly SWAT training, your membership will lapse irrespective of where you are in the 12 month period and you will be removed from all membership lists.