foundation obedience

A well behaved dog is a joy to own so it is vital to get behaviours correct at the very beginning.

These weekly obedience classes are suitable for puppies as well as older dogs needing a refresher. The classes are ideal for teaching your dog to focus around distractions so they are a great foundation for all canine sports.

We cover all the basics - sit, down, stay, recall, heelwork as well as improving your dogs body awareness (proprioception) and focus.

Our aim is to ensure you and your dog lead a happy and relaxed life together.

The maximum number of dogs in the class depends on the number of trainers available but it will never be more than six dogs per trainer.

These classes are not suitable for dogs with any form of aggression.

Cost £48 for four weeks.


Weekly group classes 2023: MOndays @ 7:00pm tuesdays @ 6:00 pm