Parkour is a new up and coming sport, often described as "Urban Agility".

The aim is to give you and your dog a positive and fun experience, using every day items indoors or outside - so you can practice and have fun anywhere!

It is low impact so dogs can participate from four months old - for the younger dogs we suggest you do a month of our basic obedience classes first so that your dog is confident in learning in a group environment.

There are numerous benefits including:

  • Your dogs general and fine motor skills will greatly improve
  • It helps to build a stronger relationship with your dog - which can help improve other behaviours such as recalls, and makes it an excellent foundation for other competitive canine sports
  • Dog Parkour is a low impact sport, with all exercises based on your dog’s size and proportion
  • It challenges your dog to think and therefore increases confidence, which can really help nervous dogs

SWAT is proud to be able to offer this new sport at Foundation level  with our own
DPUK Certified Instructor Sue Howlett.

Weekly group classes Mondays @ 7:00 pm (SUSPENDED DURING LOCKDOWN)